Yi-Ling Lam

film rouge

audio-visual installation (1:39:36 min. loop)

The installation was developed for a disused cinema in Cologne during the Festival for Applied Acoustics (2011).

In the cinema, viewers can sit in one of the 50 red seats and watch the screen, but the image and the sound are completely deleted and only the subtitles of the original film floating in the empty white projection are to be seen. 13 loudspeakers are distributed in the auditorium, placed on the seat surfaces as the embodiment of audience. Each loudspeaker has a different form and replays different person's voice as well as noises of eating crisps, drinking and breathing. These recordings were made while each person was actually watching the film on his/her own for the entire length.

Another version of the installation took place in Minus1Labor of KHM Cologne during the "Rundgang" exhibition in a setting with a red carpet, 9 cinema seats and 6 loudspeakers.

By removing the visual and audio contents of the film and replacing the audience with the recorded voices from loudspeakers, the installation presents the elements of a cinematic experience in a unique way. What the viewers experience here is an intense interaction between narrative texts, emotional reactions and body sounds, which becomes visible and audible only when the contents of the film disappear. This soundscape composed by the layers of the body sounds also manifests an emotional quality similar to listening to a musical ensemble.

installation view | KHM Cologne | 2011